Shatner Kirk or Pine Kirk?

Okay, so I kind of binge watched all the original Star Trek movies while painting the first couple of dolls. I had only seen Star Trek IV Voyage home before way back on tv as a child (and that one remains the best  :D). So, now I want to make a Captain Kirk doll!

Searching for suitable  face molds, I came across site dedicated to Ken doll. Scrolling down I found out, that there actually is an official Captain Kirk doll… and, looking up the face mold I realized…

Captain Kirk doll, and another with the same mold from flea market (it had a stain on the cheek that had to be filed away, but as it’s a man doll I don’t mind it having a stubble. It’ll smoothen anyway with varnish.)

I have that doll!!! Well, obviously not that exact doll, as of course I’d use a Kirk doll to make a Kirk, but a doll with the same facial structure! It was the same “a man” I got from garage sale last week! Aaaaaa!

I would understand, if I was a collector with hundreds of dolls, but I think I only got 10, so you’d think I’d be able to remember them. Am I dense or what?

Now the question is, William Shatner or Chris Pine ? The first is a sketch of the doll features (can’t change those) and then painted over how the actor’s features could be painted/brushed on.

Blank face of the doll features that can’t be changed

Previous doll features with William Shatner “face up”

…and the same doll face with Chris Pine painted on

Which would be better? The doll was obviously made for the new movies, but young Shatner would definately fit the same face mold, and the alien women from original series would be fun to make to accompany him…

Mabye both… if I make this one Shatner, I have a reason to hunt bargains on ebay for the Pine one 😛
Or if I become good enough with this, maybe one day someone sends in their doll for repaint… I really don’t need to own things

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