Barbie Repaint – Angelina


This is my 3rd Barbie re-paint! First being the failure that became a Zombie and second is waiting in the hair salon atm.
This second hand brunette Barbie I got with the original PC game Tomb Raider Lara Croft in mind (I love that game/character, but those ugly official figures will not be found in my shelves), but decided that would need a closed mouth doll and a more articulated body for stunt photoshoots… So, the doll chose what she’ll become…

original doll, a bellybutton brunette Barbie, some coloring over awful quick sketch of blank face covering the doll hair before painting

starting to sketch out the doll. They’re so creepy at this point!

carefully filling out color, the doll starts to come alive. trying to pay attention how the features are on the reference

the lipliner was too dark, looked like moustaches, gladly I didn’t yet seal the lips… so it was wiped and re-drawn.

curl ends came out a bit too frizzy, need to researche more on how to curl doll hair.

also, I think she deserves a better dress… I just sow this from the first scrap available, which was too stiff for doll size.


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