Monster High Draculaura repaint – Abby

Here she is, my very first Monster High doll, and MH repaint! She is inspired by NCIS Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette)

Monster High Draculaura – factory face

I actually ordered this doll with Abby in mind to start with. When she arrived, I did fall for the doll itself… Such tiny outfit, I love black/pink. I knew nothing of Monster High, but I seriously thought I’d just leave her as it was. Well, almost,I did want to change those “fangs” looks like she’s drooling milk, or have rabies or whatever…

Monster High Doll factory paint removed, blank face

BUT! I am not a factory doll collector, and eager with this new hobby, so off with the face!  it’s a common doll, so I can get another if I changed my mind.

sketch in the back, starting to sketch on the doll

Another tip I encountered on researching doll repainting is to make big eyed doll’s eyes slightly cross eyed to avoid “fisheye” look. Just remember to make them cross on the inner corner, not outwards, that’ll just, well wouldn’t make any sense.

creepy doll. Also, hair covered with masking tape and plastic wrap.


Starting to come along… Blushing with conte pastels (I want: really soft pastels, mine are quite hard) and drawing with watercolor pencils (I also want: more Derwent watercolor pencils)

it is quite difficult to make eyes and eyebrows even enough, but not exactly symmetrical, that’s creepy looking too…

Many facepainters use gloves while painting, and I tried that too with what I thought were archival gloves, but apparently weren’t…

…because there were tiny dust/fiber/hairs left under the chin where my glove covered finger supported the head while painting :/

So, “surgically” removing said tiny hairs (I want list continues: an exacto knife – this one was small woodcarving knife). Here I have the help of a magnifying glass,  it’s one of those Sherlock Holmes types shaped like in search icons you hold in one hand (I want list: stand alone magnifyer) it’s old and really scratchy, I got it when I was 8 or 9 and decided to become a detective. It’s a miracle it’s survived to this day, very rugged, much clueing for looks done.


Here she is, with Bratz skirt and draft lab coat. She still needs gloss varnish (yea… I want list is long) for the eyes, and nicer clothing. You may notice I’ve already crafted the conference room (eg. elevator) no Gibbs yet…

I can’t help it but I like the pink stripes on the hair too much to replace them with black… definately going to try and make a more “accurate” Abby doll. If and when I can get my hands on a particula Barbie Basics…

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