Rose Tyler – Bratz repaint

My first full Bratz repaint. Nevermind Han&Chewie dancing on T.A.R.D.I..S’s roof

The flea market Bratz, as it was.

I know there are a bunch of official action figures and figurines for Doctor Who and his Companions, some of them actually  having resemblance… but I like to create.
This blonde Bratz screamed Rose, so Rose shall she be!

Factory paint removed. Wasn’t careful enough with rubbing, but luckily the lips will be painted over.

Bratz have a really thick layer of paint on their face… I wasn’t careful enough while rubbing the lips, and I fear some of the paint smudged into the vinyl of the doll. Luckily that didn’t matter here, as her lips will be painted over anyway.
It’s also quite curious to see the actual mold underneath those strange features she was painted with.

trying out matte mediun instead of varnish

Now, I saw a youtube vid where someone painted the doll with diluted matte medium because the pencils would grab better on it.. So, I wanted to try it out even though I was a bit suspicious. I’m very new to doll painting, so any tricks are welcome! How ever, I’m not new to acrylics, so I did not dilute it, because medium itself is meant for replacing water as thinning the paint, and you should never add more than a drop of water to acrylics, otherwise they won’t hold!

…aaand I should have gone with the instinct. This definately does not look like a good base coat 😦

However, the pencils did grab on better, BUT the pastels didn’t… so after this I had to use Varnish… and wait for another 24hr for it to dry…

Luckily, a coat or two of varnish fixed the surface, but delayed the painting a couple of days.

coming along

I am struggling with the brushwork… quick sketch of the face up in the background 🙂

I think I’ll leave her here, I fear I’ll just ruin her completely if I continued.

These came with the Bratz, removing the “toes” these will suit Rose perfectly

It did help that Billie Piper looks bit like a Bratz doll to start with…

Almost done! She needs a haircut, gloss varnish for the eyes (I don’t have that yet…) a Tardis to be crafted…
Then, a photoshoot will emerge

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