Garage Sale finds: Ken and some Bratz

Went hunting today, and only got through one flea market before hitting my budget. Found tons of zippers and stuff, not a single Barbie in sight but managed to find one wonderful Ken (I think it’s the same facemold I’m working on and wanted to get another one!) and couple Bratz in a good played condition. Here they are!
Also check out their little adventure here:

“a man” for 1.50

unfortunately “a man” has some serious rash on his cheek. Hope it removes easily.

Bratz in bags. At first I didn’t grab them, for 5€ for a played bratz seems a lot, but now that I saw the quality and all the accessories they had, I wish I had grabbed the other two as well 😛

Love her tulip dress! Her hair is a mess, but it’s also ankle lenght(!) so plenty of room to cut if I can’t untangle it.

She’s getting a face repaint ASAP, but look at all those lovely acceccories! There was even half a bottle of HAIR GLITTER that was still good (best before 2009)

Yes, HAIR GLITTER I kid you not. It’s actually quite nice when light hits it, when not it might look like a really bad case of dandruff…

Now off to scrub some dolls! If anyone happens to identify those dolls, it would be much appreciated!

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