Bratz Katia, a small faceup

Bratz Katia: a little face up

Can you make Bratz doll cuter? I’ve had this Katia doll (she’s a rally driver!!!) for ages, but she’s been stacked away. She’s also my only Bratz doll as they don’t look that appealing to me, but after this little face up I’m starting to think they don’t look that bad.

Bratz Katia, Original face

I actually do like her eyes, it’s just that awful lip paint… which seems to have chipped anyway (she’s been stroraged in a very rude way just stacked in a box with other stuff)

Bratz without lipstick! Well I’d never!

I was so surprised after wiping away her lots and lots of lip paint; there’s actually a quite cute little lips underneath! And with that tiny button nose and almost a muzzle like lower face she might actually make quite nice anthro-character! But I want to keep Katia as it is, so this might very well mean I’d need to find myself a new Bratz doll after all to make a… catlike catwoman?

Bratz Katia with more realistic lips and some blush

Here she is, the lips painted with rose, gold(slight glitter) and dark red acrylics, and some pink and light beige pastels for blush. I said I like her original eyes, but now they actually seem a bit clumsy… her hair also needs re-styling, maybe a pin up style hairdo? She seems to photograph that way, as seen in the first pic…


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